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Explore global flavors with MunchPak – a delightful mix
of sweet, sour, salty, and savory snacks from
around the world in every delivery!

Original MunchPak
Original MunchPak
Original MunchPak
Original MunchPak

What’s in an Original MunchPak?

10+ full size snacks

• A diverse assortment of sweet, savory, and unique treats.
• Enjoy flavors from around the world, with snacks from different countries.
• Each snack is carefully curated and packed to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

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New & Popular Snacks

Receive a variety of great tasting snacks from the US and abroad.

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Full Sized Snacks

Size DOES matter. None of that small sample sized stuff.

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Fast Delivery

No waiting. We ship every day of the week (excluding weekends).