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Made With Love

Made With Love

Hand packed to the brim with a variety of the best tasting snacks from around the world.

Made With Love
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Your Pak is shipped & delivered

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Your Pak is shipped and delivered
New snacks every delivery

New snacks every delivery

Discover new favorite snacks from around the world every month.

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Avatar 1

OK this is pretty amazing #MunchPak

Shooter McGavin
Avatar 2

@munchpak offers a fantastic variety of yummy snacks from around the world! Three box size options and the ability to customize what you get! They're awesome!

Avatar 3

First ever #munchpak and omg, so many things to try!! Where to begin??

Avatar 5

MunchPak time!! I love the different types of snacks we get, so I can't wait for the Cheetos.

Avatar 6

Just signed up for MunchPak and I'm pretty excited to get my first box!

Avatar 7

My #MunchPak came in! So excited to try it out! Thanks @TheKingNappy for showing me this! Great stuff!

Ryan Pinkston
Avatar 8

My latest #MunchPak came with a bag of brie-flavored crackers from Japan, and I think I have touched heaven.

Lou Carvalho
Avatar 9

Got my first @munchpak today I love it, I can't wait to try all the yummy snacks.

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