June Edition of MunchPak: A Global Snacking Adventure

June Edition of MunchPak: A Global Snacking Adventure

Embark on a global snacking escapade with the June edition of MunchPak’s international snack subscription box. Inside, you’ll discover a delectable assortment of treats with flavors representing diverse cultures from around the world.


June 2024 MunchPak Mini Snacks

Up first is the MunchPak mini snack box. This month it showcases five treats hailing from Thailand, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Poland.


Tohato Nagewa Umashio Flavor

Munch on these ring-shaped potato snacks while you’re on a quick break! Each crunchy piece tastes like a combination of onion, roasted soy sauce, and grilled salt.


Zozole Musss Bubble Tea with Mango Maracuja

It’s a big-league player, as it not only combines the oriental flavors of mango and passion fruit, but also fizzes in your mouth like bubble tea.




Want-Want Senbei Rice Crackers OR Glico Pretz Sweet Corn Flavor

It's made from puffed rice, corn, and a mix of fresh vegetables including spinach,
kale, carrots, and parsley, all baked to perfection.



Brain Blasterz Chew Bar, Assorted flavors or Cherry Dip Loko Popping Candy

Sour chew bar meets our rainbow colored Brain Blasterz brain bitz with a sour powder center. Get ready for sour overload!



Nestle Princessa Pink Dream

Discover the new limited edition Princessy - Princessa Pink Dream. This unique product is a combination of a crunchy pink wafer and a creamy milk filling with an intense strawberry flavor. Savor a sweetmoment of pleasure with the new pink Princess.

June 2024 Original MunchPak Snacks

Experience double the deliciousness with our Original box. It contains all five snacks from the Mini box plus an extra five indulgences.


Bourbon Pretzel Chocolate

Combines hard, crunchy pretzels with rich chocolate. The combination of textures
and flavors creates a balance between the saltiness of the pretzel and the sweetness of the chocolate.


Fritt Chewy Candy Assorted Flavor

These Individually wrapped snacks are a vibrant and fruity treat that offers a fun and chewy candy experience. Fritt Chewy come in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, cherry, wild berry, apple, orange, and lemon.


Sweet Chili Jollof

Sweet Chili Jollof Candy is an intriguing confection that captures the essence of the beloved West African dish, Jollof rice, in a sweet and spicy candy form.


Ulker Cizi Olive Oil & Thyme

These cookies have a crunchy texture and fresh flavors of thyme and olive oil. They are a tribute to the rich culinary tradition.


Cow Tales - NEW Honey Bun Flavor

Imagine a heavenly bite where the sweetness of honey cake intertwines with the softness of a chewy texture, creating a symphony of pleasure in every bite.


June 2024 MunchPak FamilyPak

Finally, let’s explore the FamilyPak, brimming with a grand total of 20 thoughtfully chosen snacks sourced from various corners of the globe.


Omeli Banana Choco Pie

Omeli Banana Choco Pie is a delightful treat featuring a soft banana flavored cake filled with creamy chocolate and coated in rich chocolate.


Joray Fruit Roll Fruit Punch

Joray Fruit Roll Fruit Punch is a chewy snack made from real fruit juice, offering a refreshing fruit punch flavor. It's a convenient and delicious treat, perfect for on the go enjoyment.

HartBeat Pineapple Salt Candy

A unique and flavorful treat that combines the sweet taste of pineapple with a hint of salt. This candy offers a delightful contrast of flavors.



Pran Potata Spicy Biscuit

A fiery fusion of crispy biscuit and zesty potato, delivering a satisfying crunch and
bold spice in every bite. Perfect for any snacking occasion, these biscuits will leave you craving more.


Huligan Pretzel Crush Pizza Flavor

Crunchy pretzel bites infused with the savory taste of pizza. A deliciously satisfying snack for any occasion.


Yarych Crackers Onion and Sour Cream

Crispy, delicate and aromatic mini crackers with a bright onion and sour cream flavor. Made with wheat flour, palm oil, salt, demineralized whey powder and dried onion.


Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Black & White

Each bite reveals layers of contrasting flavors, with the creamy sweetness of white chocolate harmonizing perfectly with the bold richness of dark chocolate.


Fruit-tella Sour Citrus Mix

These chewy candies are naturally flavored with real fruit juice and are bursting with the tanginess of sour grapefruit, sour lime, and sour orange.


Bisconni Cocomo Biscuits

Each biscuit is a crispy delight, filled with a creamy coconut filling and coated with smooth chocolate. The contrast of textures and flavors creates a truly indulgent experience with every bite.


Doscher’s Famous Mountain Chew

Crafted with utmost care and using only the finest ingredients, The Mountain Chew is a type of chewy candy, typically characterized by its soft texture and rich flavor


June 2024 MunchPak Featured Soda

You can elevate your snacking experience even more by opting for a soda upgrade during checkout. Explore a different international soda each month to add an extra layer of fun to your snack adventures.


June Featured Soda: Bear 'N Beaver Orange Creamsicle

Each sip of this exclusive soda explodes with refreshing notes of aromatic peach, blending perfectly with the classic taste of creamy orange. Bear 'N Beaver Orange Creamsicle is the perfect complement to your MunchPak treats, providing a unique and refreshing flavor experience.


Final Thoughts: June 2024 MunchPak Snack Subscription Box

As we wrap up this month’s snack exploration, we hope you enjoyed all the fun and unique flavors we curated from around the world. Stay tuned for next month’s surprises as our team crafts another box of goodies to satisfy your snack cravings. Thanks for joining us on this tasty adventure!

Happy Munching!

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Food Allergy Warning
We ask that you please eat responsibly as some of our snacks may contain allergens including but not limited to: soy, peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, various fruits, gluten, lactose, eggs, shellfish, wheat, etc. If you are unsure if a particular snack has an allergen in its ingredients, do not eat it.
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