Korean Candy: Viral and Traditional Treats from Hanguk

Korean Candy: Viral and Traditional Treats from Hanguk

There are few treats able to capture the global imagination quite like satang. (That’s Korean candy.) From classic cultural staples to modern creations that push the boundaries of candy as we know it, South Korea’s 689-million-dollar candy market is growing faster than ever.

And it has taken the snacking world by storm on TikTok and YouTube — with hundreds of creators and millions of viewers sharing in the sweet experience. 

With all of the delicious options to choose from, our list is only “licking the surface of the watermelon,” as the famous Korean proverb says. (In other words, we’re only scratching the surface!) Nevertheless, here are our best recommendations for must-try treats from Hanguk.

Korean Chocolate

It’s impossible to discuss Korean chocolate without an honorable mention of the “national snack.” The Choco Pie is a round, cake-inspired cookie with a thin chocolate coating and a signature marshmallow filling. It’s a top-seller, and Korean snackers love it so much, they’ll even use a pile of Choco Pies instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Korean Lotte Choco Pie

But Korean chocolate comes in many other forms, from the crispy, rice-filled Crunky Crunch bar to ORION’s adorable, mushroom-shaped Choco Boy treats.

Korean Hard Candy

Nothing beats the long-lasting flavor of a good Korean hard candy. For kids and adults alike, ORION Super Sour Candy packs a serious punch. These ultra-tangy green apple sweets get even more sour as they melt in your mouth!

Korean Hard Candy

LOTTE’s White Grape Cheongdo Candy is a crowd-pleaser, with a refreshing fruity flavor in an instantly-recognizable soccer ball shape. 

If you’re an early riser, Korean coffee candy can save the day. Just a handful of Kopiko’s hard candies contain as much caffeine as a real cup of coffee.

Korean Chews And Jellies

Korea makes some great chew candies! The Crown company offers two of our favorite options. Crown Saekom Dalkom candies and Crown MyChew are similar to Starburst, but a little more chewy and come in a wide variety of fruity flavors.

Korean Chew Candy

If those aren’t gooey enough to suit your palate, Korean jelly candy will not disappoint! Options like Crown’s Mychew Ssok Jelly candies are super squishy, juicy treats that come in different fruit flavors.

Lotte’s Red Bean Paste Jelly, on the other hand, is a good choice for traditionalists. And Lotte’s Yogurt Jelly has all the flavor of a Korean yogurt drink in a jelly, gummy form!



Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon? Travel across the world from the comfort of your kitchen, by trying your hand at dalgona!

Korean Dalgona Candy

Also known as ppopgi, this old-fashioned Korean sugar candy went viral after appearing in the Netflix drama, Squid Game. And it can be made with just sugar and baking soda! There are several easy-to-find recipes online to help you get started. 

Signature Korean Flavors 

It’s easy to get bored with standard American flavors like cherry, grape and orange. And, among Korean candies, it’s just as easy to find new ones to try! These three Korean candy favorites are rare finds in the States.


Milk Candy

Why drink your milk when you can eat it instead? LOTTE’s Malang Cow Milk Chewy Candy is a soft and fluffy treat wrapped in the super-cute packaging that makes Korean candies so iconic. Available in fresh milk and strawberry flavors, this dairy-inspired treat has a fun marshmallow-like texture.


Plum Candy

There’s a reason sweet plum candies are an after-dinner staple in South Korea; they’re incredibly refreshing! Plum-flavored confections are typically enjoyed as hard candies, but you can find plum gummies as well.


Red Ginseng Candy

Another unique flavor that pops up in Korean candy is red ginseng. Ginseng root has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine for a variety of mental and physical health benefits. With its combination of sweet, earthy, and minty flavors, ginseng is often used in herbal hard candy.

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