See What’s Inside: March 2024 MunchPak International Snack Box

See What’s Inside: March 2024 MunchPak International Snack Box

Are you ready to get your snack game on? The March international snack subscription box is here, loaded with mouthwatering chocolates and treats from around the world. Let’s unwrap the yum!

March 2024 MunchPak Mini Snacks

Time to crack open the MunchPak mini snack box! Inside you’ll discover five treats from China, the United Kingdom, Austria and Japan.

Mini Snack #1: Taylor’s Mature Cheese & Onion Crisps

The blend of rich cheddar and sharp onion is balanced perfectly to bring a lasting flavor into a thick, ridge cut chip with an exceptional crunch factor.

Taylors Mature Cheddar and Onion - Crisps From The United Kingdom


Mini Snack #2: Bourbon Chocolat Blancheur Vanilla

In this Japanese treat, rich white chocolate enriched with vanilla beans is sandwiched between delicate cookies kneaded with fermented butter for a fuller flavor. Pairs well with coffee or ice cold milk!

 Bourbon Chocolat Blancheur Vanilla From Japan


Mini Snack #3: Cadbury Crunchie

Beloved since its launch in 1929, this UK chocolate bar features an indulgent honeycomb toffee sugar center that’s surrounded by delicious milk chocolate.

Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar From The UK

Mini Snack #4: Manner Snack Mini

This multi-layered treat from Austria features a crispy wafer base, sweet milk cream atop a layer of thick hazelnut cream loaded with pieces of hazelnut, and is finished off with rich chocolate.

Manner Snack Minis Wafer From Austria

Mini Snack #5: Nestlé Crispy Shark Wafers Strawberry

This sweet snack arrives to us from China. Enjoy the crispy wafers dipped in white chocolate, complemented by the refreshing sweetness of strawberry cream layered throughout


 Nestle Crispy Shark Wafers Strawberry From China

March 2024 Original MunchPak Snacks

Take your snacking to the next level with our Original box. In addition to the five snacks featured in the Mini box, you get an five extra goodies for a flavor-packed experience from even more global destinations!

Original Snack #6: Ambrosoli Old England Toffee

This Chilean candy uses a unique recipe to create an assortment of toffees featuring milk, almond, coconut, and butterscotch flavors.

Ambrosoli Old England Toffee
Ambrosoli Old England Toffee From Chile

Original Snack #7: Antonelli Croissant Maxi – Strawberry or Cherry

Made with the highest quality raw ingredients, this flaky and buttery croissant from Italy is filled with sweet strawberry or cherry milk cream. Try it warmed up for the best flavor experience.

Antonelli Maxi Croissants Strawberry Cherry Milk
Antonelli Maxi Croissants Strawberry Cherry Milk From Italy

Original Snack #8: Crackzel Pretzel Pieces Garlic Bread Flavor

This Turkish savory snack features crunchy pretzel pieces with a bold and unique flavor. Each piece is generously coated with a delicious blend of seasonings that adds a burst of garlic flavor to every bite.

Crackzel Garlic Bread Pretzel Pieces
Crackzel Garlic Bread Pretzel Pieces From Turkey

Original Snack #9: Cadbury Double Decker

Two is always better than one! This UK chocolate bar is made up of a creamy nougat top and crispy rice pops with smooth cocoa on the bottom, all covered in rich Cadbury milk chocolate.

Cadbury Double Decker UK Chocolate
Cadbury Double Decker UK Chocolate Bar From The UK

Original Snack #10: Kinder Country

Fantastically rich milk chocolate on the outside, with a melt-in-your-mouth creamy white chocolate and crunchy puffed rice on the inside. This Polish treat is the perfect mix of creamy and crunchy!

Kinder Country Chocolate Bar
Kinder Country Chocolate Bar From Poland

March 2024 MunchPak FamilyPak Snacks

Inside our largest box, the FamilyPak, you’ll find a generous selection of 20 carefully chosen snacks from around the world for even more taste and texture variety.


FamilyPak Snack #11: Ulker Dore Biscuit Cookies

These light, buttery cookies are filled with rich chocolate and sweet cream. This Turkish treat pairs perfectly with hot tea or coffee for a delicious pick-me-up!

Ulker Dore Cookies
Ulker Dore Cookies From Turkey

FamilyPak Snack #12: Jaffa Bakery Orange Choco Cake

This soft and silky sponge cake from Serbia is dipped in chocolate and features a rich orange jam filling that delivers a wonderful citrusy fragrance.

Jaffa Bakery Orange Choco Cake
Jaffa Bakery Orange Choco Cake From Serbia

FamilyPak Snack #13: Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Black & White

This supersized bar from Germany features crunchy cocoa cookie pieces in delicate white chocolate filled with the crispiest dark chocolate wafers.

Kit Kat Chunky Black And White
Kit Kat Chunky Black And White From Germany

FamilyPak Snack #14: Mamee Monster Chicken Noodle Snack

This snack idea came from a Malaysian village where farmers were spotted eating dry instant noodles straight from the packet! Mamee uses only genuine chicken stock to deliver the best flavor.

Mamee Monster Chicken Noodle Snack
Mamee Monster Chicken Noodle Snack From Malaysia

FamilyPak Snack #15: Torres Selecta Black Truffle Chips

These premium potato chips from Spain have a hearty crunch and an intense flavor. Enjoy notes of black pepper and the nutty, sweet and savory flavor of a truffle.

Torres Selecta Black Truffle Chips
Torres Selecta Black Truffle Chips From Spain

FamilyPak Snack #16: Ulker Yupo Orange Cream Rings

Enjoy the iconic flavor duo of orange and cream in a classic gummy ring! These Turkish candies have an authentic orange flavor and send your taste buds into the nostalgia of creamsicles on a hot summer day.

Ulker Yupo Orange Gummy Candy
Ulker Yupo Orange Gummy Candy From Turkey

FamilyPak Snack #17: My Motto Wafer Tiramisu Flavor

You’ll love this delicious double stacked wafer delight from Bulgaria that has a tiramisu flavored cream featuring notes of robust espresso, cocoa and creamy Italian custard.

My Motto Wafer Tiramisu Flavor
My Motto Wafer Tiramisu Flavor From Bulgaria

FamilyPak Snack #18: Cadbury Boost

This British chocolate bar is made with soft cocoa, chewy caramel, and crunchy biscuit wrapped in only the finest Cadbury milk chocolate.

Cadbury Boost UK Chocolate
Cadbury Boost Chocolate Bar From The UK

FamilyPak Snack #19: Nestlé Munchies

Straight from the United Kingdon, these delicious milk chocolate cubes encase a soft caramel and crunchy biscuit center. Perfect for sharing but you may want to keep these for yourself!


Nestle Munchies Chocolate Bar
Nestle Munchies Chocolate Bar From The United Kingdom

FamilyPak Snack #20: Skittles Sour

These colorful chewy candies from China will send your taste buds on a roller coaster ride with their sour and tangy coating that gives way to a fruit flavored center. Flavors include apple, grape, lemon, orange, and strawberry.


Skittles Sour
Skittles Sour From China

March 2024 MunchPak Featured Soda

Dive tastebuds first into a fizzy adventure with a new international soda every month. This optional add-on will bring extra layer of excitement to your snack adventures.

March Featured Soda: Felice Melon Cream Soda

This unique fizzy beverage from Japan provides a blended taste of honeydew melon and vanilla ice cream, which is guaranteed to quench your thirst!

Felice Melon Cream Soda
Felice Melon Cream Soda From Japan

Food Allergy Warning: We ask that you please eat responsibly as some of our snacks may contain allergens including but not limited to: soy, peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, various fruits, gluten, lactose, eggs, shellfish, wheat, etc. If you are unsure if a particular snack has an allergen in its ingredients, do not eat it.


Final Thoughts: March 2024 MunchPak Snack Subscription Box

As you wrap up this month’s snacks, get ready for the surprises awaiting in next month’s box. Get ready to unwrap a fresh batch of sweets and treats that will keep your taste buds tingling and your snack game strong. Thank you for being part of this delicious adventure with us!

Happy Munching!

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