International Treats: A Sweet Tour Of The World’s Best Candy

International Treats: A Sweet Tour Of The World’s Best Candy

There is nothing sweeter than traveling the world — except for the treats that await you there! The delicious rush of discovering a new favorite candy is always a great adventure.

For candy connoisseurs, international treats open the door to new flavors, cultures and experiences (without ever leaving the comfort of home.)

While every country has plenty of unique candies to explore, for this article we’ve narrowed in on some of our favorite sweet snack hotspots from around the globe including Japan, the UK, Korea, Mexico, France and Canada.

Whether you’re looking for sour, sweet, decadent or chocolatey, the best international candies and treats out there for everyone. You just have to know where to look and we’re here to help with that!

Join us as we head out on a sweet safari to explore the world’s best candies. Our first destination is Japan!


あめ / Ame: Japanese Candy

Japanese candy is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Sweets from Japan are known for creativity, cute designs, and unique flavors.

From chewy, sweet mochi to playful Pocky sticks, Japanese candy offers a diverse range of flavors, including matcha green tea, yuzu citrus, and red bean.

Whether it’s the delicate beauty of wagashi, the fun of cute DIY candy kits, or the intense umami of seaweed-flavored snacks, Japanese candy is a culinary adventure that invites exploration.


Popular Japanese Candies And Brands

Many classic Japanese treats are steeped in tradition. For example, Morinaga’s ramune is a popular Japanese carbonated soft drink. It’s known for its unique bottle design, which is sealed with a marble that you have to push down into the bottle to open. Today it’s a familiar treat in Japan’s corner stores, however, ramune was first introduced in the late 1800s!

In Japan, modern candy is cute, creative — and it often goes viral online. In 2021, the Gumi Tsureta Fishing Gummy Kit exploded on TikTok for its interactive design reminiscent of a chemistry experiment. Kikko’s Chameleon Ramune is a cola-flavored, color-changing candy in the shape of a cute chameleon.

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