Michael Beletz

Co-founder of MunchPak - Master of web design - SEO

Michael is ready to get creative when it’s time to open Photoshop, but can be all business on the phone. He’s a fan of the Goo Goo Cluster and is ready to order a breakfast burrito almost any day of the week.

Andrew Hawel

Co-founder of MunchPak - International Affairs - Customer Relations

Andrew handles bringing in the finest snacks from around the world - and will pull out all the stops to ensure that only the best come to MunchPak, while ensuring MunchPak customers are pleased with their experience. He enjoys eating French Toast Crunch and is known to keep a jar of hot sauce in his desk drawer.


Justin Carr

Snack Master

One of the best snack experts around, Justin hand selects the contents of each MunchPak. He’s another man of all trades and keeps track of all the snacks and has a way with computers. He’s always ready to try a snack, but prefers the KitKat Chunky Hazelnut.



Aubrianne Bell

Customer Happiness

Aubrianne ensures all of the subscribers stay happy. She wears a scarf sometimes even when it's perfectly nice in the office. She claims to be part lion and her favorite band is the Foo Fighters. She recently banished coffee from her life once she discovered AWAKE Chocolate and she'll pretty much eat and enjoy anything that gets put on her desk.