About Us

MunchPak launched in November of 2013 after co-founders Andrew Hawel and Michael Beletz recognized a unique need in the subscription box market. There were few subscription boxes around that really did anything like MunchPak - and even today, MunchPak is unlike any other subscription snack box.

An assortment of the finest snacks from all around the world is gathered and placed into a MunchPak and then sent right to your door! Not only is it convenient, but it introduces people to snacks they have never heard of from places all around the world.

Personalization has been one of the biggest developments for MunchPak. Not everyone has heard of all the snacks MunchPak has to offer from all around the world, and might be apprehensive about trying them all. MunchPak allows people to add preferences so that they can enjoy their box comfortably.

Recognizing that people have allergies or might be apprehensive about trying all types of snacks from around the world, MunchPak created preferred and non-preferred options. The ability to personalize each MunchPak has been one of the biggest developments, with MunchPak leading the way for customization in subscription snack boxes.

MunchPak was created with the primary goal of introducing people to snacks they have never heard of before and delivering it to them with convenience. MunchPak plans to continue to deliver on that goal while looking to the future of finding

the best snacks in the world to
send in each MunchPak.