Thank you for taking time to check out what we consider to be the “Perfect Snack Box” aka “MunchPak”. We promise, this isn’t just any ordinary box of snacks!  MunchPaks are filled with popular snacks and old favorites from the US, Canada, Japan, UK, and others. 

    Snacking just got convenient. MunchPak is perfect for people who want to discover new favorite snacks without ever having to leave your house! 

    To find the best and tastiest snacks around…We place each snack through a rigorous gauntlet to see which ones make the box and which ones are left out. We get new snacks in weekly, so you never know what you’re going to receive!

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    No More Corner Store

    Gone are the days of going to your local convenience store,  pacing back and forth in the snack aisle, and in the end choosing the same thing you always get.

    We find the best snacks

    Forget about hunting down international stores with no idea about what to buy.

    This isn’t your local candy store

    The snacks you receive will vary from box to box as we are always on the hunt for new and popular snacks.

    It’s not just a big box of candy

    We pack your box with various types of snacks. Some of the types of munchies you can expect to see in your box are: chips, crackers, chocolate, biscuits, beef jerky, pickles, cookies, chewy candy, sour candy, and the list goes on. Be assured knowing MunchPak has a team of snack enthusiasts conducting extensive research to discover the world’s tastiest snacks so we can send you a new variety next month.




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    MunchPak was created and developed by two guys who love to snack and hate running to the store. You probably heard about us from one of the many popular social networks, a search engine, or someone you know. You probably also heard MunchPak sends out the best snacks from all over the US and World.

    “You guys must be crazy. How do you do this? And what is it you do exactly, besides just send out snacks?”, you ask.

    We are a little crazy… it’s like the snack gods sent us down to spread the deliciousness for all to taste.

    We know snacks aren’t native to any particular country or place. Let’s face it there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t enjoy a good snack.

    MunchPak was built and designed with the intention of letting people try the most popular snacks, and of course, local favorites from all over the world. There are tons of great tasting snacks from quality companies all over the US that aren’t offered in every state. There are also thousands of other delicious snacks made by various companies all over the world.

    At MunchPak, we are constantly partnering with new and popular snack brands from all over the US and rest of the world. This isn’t an international snack box. It’s a MunchPak. We love sending our subscribers new, interesting, and always delicious snacks every month.


    Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We are confident you will enjoy MunchPak snacks as much we do.  We look forward to sending you a MunchPak soon!